Saturday, July 10, 2010

Kijabe Hill

After rounding on our patients on our respective wards, Charles and I headed out at 12:30 to Kijabe Hill. The sun was peeking out behind the clouds trying to break up the haze across the Rift Valley so we would take a chance at the hike hoping to see the views from this nearby mountain. We wound our way down the road to Old Kijabe Town, passing by monkeys and the wild flowers along the side of the road that are if full bloom right now. We slipped down a few drainages then climbed up to some open range land with better views of the valley below us as we started to climb. It is quite green and lush this year, far more so than other summers in the past. From Old Kijabe Town to the top of the peak is a 2000 ft climb, most of it in the last two miles, and it ends at 8700 ft. with a commanding view of the valley below.

We entered the “Candelabra” forest – a beautiful collection of the native candelabra trees that rests below some of the farms that cover the east side of Kijabe Hill. After 3 hours, we were at the top with a great view of the valley floor, though the haze in the distance shrouded the distant horizon. Knowing that sunset was not far past 6 PM, we headed back the way we came. It is a LONG hike – at least 10 miles, all of it above 7000 ft., so we were pretty tired by the time we made our way back to the hospital compound. Now the feet and joints are tired and achy – nothing a little ibuprofen won’t ease a bit. Tomorrow is a day to rest – I’ll need some energy for the next week with call on Monday PM and a full week ahead of work in the hospital.

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  1. Fascinating stuff, Mike. Sounds like you are doing some important work. I don't know about climbing that hill, though.